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A modern design that blends with the natural environment creates a harmonious and visually appealing atmosphere. 
By using high-quality materials for construction, the villas are built to last and exude a sense of luxury.

The focus on high standards extends to the appliances and furniture used throughout villas. 

This ensures that every aspect of the living space is of exceptional quality and contributes to a comfortable and enjoyable experience for residents.

The bedrooms are carefully designed to maximize the views, allowing residents to appreciate the surrounding natural beauty. 

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At the same time, privacy and comfort are prioritized, ensuring that occupants can relax and unwind in their personal space.

The pantries are spacious and functional, providing ample storage and work areas. Equipped with high-quality appliances and furniture, they offer a convenient and enjoyable space for preparing meals and organizing kitchen essentials.

The bathrooms follow a clean and modern design aesthetic, characterized by sleek lines and bright, warm colors. 

This combination creates a refreshing and inviting atmosphere, enhancing the overall sense of comfort and relaxation.

Overall, the attention to detail in the design and construction of these villas, along with the use of high-quality materials and furnishings, ensures a luxurious and comfortable living experience that seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings.

FACILITIES - Extra services

The villas are managed by Private Sanctuary, a specialized management company that focuses on handling holiday developments in South East Asia, including Villas. 
With around-the-clock security and full hotel-level cleaning service, it ensures a safe and clean environment for guests to enjoy their dream holiday.
Additionally, the team at Private Sanctuary is equipped to cater to all your needs, aiming to make the stay of guests more pleasant. 

We provide various services and assistance to enhance guests experiences, such as arranging transportation, recommending local attractions and activities, organizing tours or excursions, and addressing any other requests or concerns.
Private Sanctuary strives to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable vacation experience for guests at The Villas.

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