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The Kuta Sunset sub-division plots, along with the Kuta Sunset Resort, offer a range of facilities that enhance the attractiveness of the development and contribute to the appreciation of property values.
The Resort includes several amenities that can be enjoyed by the villa owners and their guests. Here are some of the features:
Spa: The resort will have a spa facility where guests can indulge in various rejuvenating treatments and therapies.

It will provide a relaxing and serene environment for individuals to unwind and pamper themselves.
Gym: For those who value fitness and wellness, the resort will offer a well-equipped gym. Villa owners and their guests can exercise, maintain their fitness routines, or engage in various physical activities to stay active during their stay.
Restaurant: The resort will feature a restaurant that offers a diverse culinary experience. Villa owners and guests can enjoy delicious meals, including local and international cuisine, within the premises of the resort, adding convenience and variety to their dining options.

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Lodging for Guests: In addition to the villas, the resort will provide comfortable lodging options for guests beyond the villas. This means that if villa owners have friends, family, or other guests visiting, they can be accommodated within the resort premises, ensuring a pleasant and convenient stay for everyone.By having these facilities within the Kuta Sunset Resort, the overall appeal of the development is enhanced. It offers villa owners and their guests a comprehensive and enjoyable experience, combining relaxation, recreation, and convenience. Moreover, the presence of such amenities contributes to the value appreciation of the properties within the sub-division, as they add to the desirability and attractiveness of the overall location.
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